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I have extensive experience in walking dogs both singly and in groups. I adhere to the Harrogate Borough Council Dog Walker’s Code and am insured to walk groups of dogs up to 6 which is the maximum number I prefer to walk although I am happy to walk 3 or 4 animals in a session. A walk is usually for around 1 hour.

When animals are well behaved and when the owner has given written permission I prefer to walk the dogs off lead but, if circumstances do not allow for that, then I will walk the dogs on lead.

  • A full hour dog walk
  • Fully equipped and ventilated transport
  • Dogs are walked in enclosed environments, with large fields and streams
  • Water, towels and doggy bags provided
  • Basic training can be applied (sit, stay, down and wait)
  • Every effort will be made, depending on available facilities, to ensure your dog is returned home clean and dry.
  • Dogs grouped to fit their energy levels and age
  • Leads to be kept on/off at your discretion

Here are a number of reasons why picking Muddy Paws of Harrogate dog walking will suit you and your dog(s):
Socialising - the more socialising for your dog(s) the better. There is no limit to how many dogs your dog(s) can meet and make friends with. Whilst out walking your dogs will interact and come across all breeds and become a confident, happy soul.

Dogs can be collected at a mutually agreed time, go for a lovely walk and be dropped off to snuggle back into their beds.

Walks can be full time, regular or occasional, my service can be flexible to fit with your requirements.

Muddy Paws of Harrogate has the most happy, content group of dogs you will ever meet. Many have been walking together for years and are like family. They always welcome new faces and play with anyone who wants to join in.

Dog Training

I hold private sessions where I can work on obedience training including heel work, recall and stays. I can also perform health checks making sure your dog or dogs are in prime physical fitness and, if necessary I would recommend possible changes to diet etc which may help to improve overall health.

Additionally I can offer higher levels of training including scent, emergency stops and staying out of sight.

Games and music work for fun will be included in all levels of training too. I will travel to you as I find it easier to work with the animals when they are in a natural happy environment, such as their own home. I can move from there for a walk in the local area to keep your pet feeling safe in familiar surroundings.

I will arrange times to work around you, when you are off work or when you just have spare time. Please contact me to arrange a meeting that suits us both.

For group training sessions please follow the link for , as I can recommend Colin the trainer.

Puppy/old dog visits

This is a service catered to the puppies and oldies who for various reasons can not manage an hour’s walk with a group. The visit’s are a toilet break and leg stretch in your garden or a quick wander round the block for your dog. These are slotted in around the main walks, usually during journeys between pick-up / drop offs. Please contact me to discuss this further.

Pet Sitting

This can be done either on a pop in basis, which means I would call at your home whilst you are away at pre-arranged times to feed and water your pet(s) and to clean up any mess they may have made. Or it can be on an overnight basis which means I would sleep at your home overnight.

Obviously prices for the two are considerably different but I can discuss this with you when we meet to discuss your pets needs.

What animals do I care for?

Reptiles - snakes, lizards and gecko's etc
Small furries - ferrets, rabbits, chinchillas, degus etc.
Avian - parrots and budgies
Hermit Crabs
Large furries - dogs and cats (but no monkeys please)